Profuse drooling is never normal or typical. If a child's shirt is constantly or frequently wet, this would be considered profuse or atypical drooling.  Atypical drooling is often seen in children with developmental disabilities (e.g., those with cri-du-chat syndrome, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc.). Our therapists are highly trained to provide you with the highest quality orofacial myology therapy, utilizing the latest research, in a friendly, fun and comfortable environment.

Things to be addressed in a very proactive manner with someone who drools: 

  • Nasal, Sinus and Other Upper Airway Problems
  • Open Mouth Posture
  • Oral Awareness
  • Low Tongue Posture
  • Swallowing

A very specific plan will be implemented for drooling.  While the treatment is therapeutic in nature, it will be encouraged to fit the outline of therapy into daily "normal" life whenever possible.


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