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We have a dedicated team of board certified, career Orofacial Myologists waiting to help you and your family.

Sandra Coulson, MS, ST, ED, COM

Clinical Professor of Orofacial Myology

 Sandra Coulson (AKA "The Thumb Whisperer") is an innovator, a leader, an entrepreneur, an International speaker and a compassionate therapist.

 Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, raised by a single mother, her career has been remarkable. She is included in the Hall of Fame at Palmer High School, where she graduated with honors and is recognized by the Alumni Association as one of fifty outstanding alumni.

After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with degrees in Speech Therapy and Education, she also holds a Masters’ Degree in Health Sciences. She ventured to Washington State where she was an itinerant speech therapist, then therapy director for a Special Education Division of Tacoma Public Schools. When she returned to Colorado she worked for Home Health Services as a therapist serving a population of victims of stroke, and people with Down syndrome, and, with her education degree, she became a substitute teacher during which time she developed her private practice in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy.

She has been interviewed on 9 News, 2 News, 7 News and various media in the Denver metro area as well as on VIMEO and YOUTUBE and on Cross Link Radio. She continues to lecture and teach internationally.

Known as the “Thumb Whisperer,”  Sandra's program, which is used by all of our therapists, has a 99.7% ‘cure’ rate with thumb and finger suckers and with patients who have trichotillomania (hair pulling). She has worked with thousands of patients locally and internationally and is now seeing ‘second generation’ patients and she has trained many therapists who are practicing in the US and abroad.

She is a past President of the International Association of Orofacial Myology, past Co-Chair of “CHAPS” a holistic practitioner association in Denver, and is a member of many other professional associations including the Down syndrome Association, the Post- Polio Association and the Association for Essential Tremor. She also serves on the Advisory Board of Heritage College where she is a frequent Commencement speaker.

Laura Eckhardt, COM, BA, ED

Orofacial Myologist

Laura Eckhardt holds a BA in Social Sciences from Colorado State University and Education Teaching Licensure from the University of Denver. Part of her training was in spending 5 years working for her father, a dentist in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She trained under Sandra Coulson and has been working for Sandra Coulson and Associates for ten years. Laura has completed and was awarded the certification in OM in 2012.

Laura has many years of experience working with children of all ages and has two children of her own. She works hard to make therapy fun and individualized to meet the needs of each particular patient. Laura works with patients for orofacial muscle dysfunction, tongue thrust, thumb and finger habits, open mouth rest posture and tongue placement.

Brittany Bailey, BS, CSOM

Orofacial Myologist

Brittany Bailey received a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences from Metropolitan State University of Denver and minored in Nutrition. Throughout her time in college, she also took advantage of various opportunities that included craniosacral courses, working with youth in various capacities and assisting in a chiropractor’s office. Through personal experience, Brittany was intrigued by Orofacial Myology and decided to pursue learning more about the field. She observed Sandy professionally while also going through therapy as a patient.

She received her certification in OM from the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences. Brittany has also started graduate school to get her Masters in Applied Breathing Sciences to further her passion of helping people achieve overall wellness.  


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