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SDIS Screener

The SDIS - R should be used to screen any child or adolescent who is suspected of having sleep problems. Especially all children/teens who experience obesity, developmental delays, school attendance problems, learning or behavior problems, asthma or allergies, and dental malocclusions (crooked teeth, over- or under-bites, narrow jaw, recessive chin, etc.) should be screened for sleep disorders because research indicates that these populations are at higher risk of having a major sleep disorder or a significant airway breathing problem that can cause sleep apnea. After treatment/correction many of the learning, behavior and health problems disappear or improve significantly.

The SDIS - R is NOT designed to make a sleep diagnosis, but to identify children/youth with a high probability of a sleep disorder who may need to be referred to a medical specialist (dentist, pediatrician, sleep specialist, etc.) to correct many of these problems. There are a couple sleep disorders screened by the SDIS - R that are behavioral sleep disorders, and in these cases parents will be provided home interventions, which are usually successful if consistently used at home.