Does you or your child breathe with their mouth open?

Not everyone breathes properly. Recent research indicates that the way a person breathes can have a great impact on his or her future health and physical appearance. With normal breathing, air passes through the nose, but many children find nasal breathing difficult and must breathe through their mouths. 

When a person breathes through his or her mouth, it circumvents nature's filter apparatus and places greater strain on the heart and lungs, due to the presence of minute impurities in the air. Consequently, mouth-breathing has been associated with a greater incidence of enlarged hearts, fluid in the lungs, and heart failure.

Mouth-breathing is generally caused by one or more of four types of problems:

  • Enlarged Adenoids and or Tonsils
  • Underdeveloped nasal passages
  • Nasal blockage caused by allergies, swollen tissue, or other obstructions such as polyps
  • Lower jaw and tongue positioned improperly

Or is it just  a habit?

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