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We change faces, and lives!

What does this mean? Well, imagine a child who wants to stop sucking his or her thumb but can't, a crooked smile that becomes straight, hunched posture becomes strong and confident. What would it mean for a parent whose child stops pulling out their own hair? A post-stroke patient who not only regains speech but goes back to work? Could we change the life of an adult thumb sucker who finally breaks the habit? Or the Mom whose baby was "sent home to die" from a rare disorder, who not only went on to live, but to defy all odds?

This is how we change lives, not only our patients' - but our own lives. By being committed to you, we learn and grow one smile at a time, too.

Below you will find a helpful video further explaining how we change faces and lives!


So how does it work?

Typically, people consulting us will be experiencing problems such as thumb sucking, nail biting, hair pulling, speech difficulties and orthodontic issues.

  1. Our process always begins with a comprehensive Initial Assessment. The assessment is mandatory and ensures that we know where you begin and how far you'll need to go.

  2. From that first consult therapy begins. Myo-Functional Therapy is a very "active" treatment and you'll be expected to commit to the exercises daily for a minimum of 8 weeks. Each week we'll have a 30 minute appointment to check in on your progress and give you the new exercises.

  3. We work with many different health practitioners and often make referrals for tonsil problems, tongue tie and allergy testing to name a few. These referrals are imperative for your progress.

  4. After your program we'll do a complete re-assessment. (Sometimes people need further work, depending on the severity of the case AND on compliance.)


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