Melody's Story:

 ...We took Melody to see a practitioner, Sandra Coulson, who does orofacial myology. This changed her life (and ours as well). Within one week, we were seeing Melody working less to breathe while sleeping. After a couple of weeks we could observe no apnea while she was sleeping. We have a very high quality pulse ox, and the numbers for her oxygen levels astounded us. She used to be in the 70’s while sleeping without oxygen. Within one week of seeing Sandra her oxygen levels while sleeping were about 89.

Those numbers have steadily increased since then. Now she is typically about 94-95 without oxygen while sleeping, and that number seems to keep rising. Frequently, by morning her oxygen levels are about 96-98. Melody sleeps in a crib in our room and I find it immensely comforting to hear the quiet sound of her rhythmic, non-stressed breathing. In addition to the orofacial myology helping her breathing, Melody has changed in other positive ways as well. For the most part, she no longer snores. It used to be that her snoring was so loud you could hear her from a pretty good distance away. Melody used to be perpetually congested, even when she wasn’t sick. That is no longer the case! Melody used to have her little signature snort while awake. That is resolved. When she is teething she might drool a little more than your average teething baby, but substantially less than she did previously. All of her mouth muscles are so much stronger that she can now drink from a cup!

I am happy to share Melody’s story with anyone who could use it to further disseminate knowledge about what Coulson and Associates do. If we can be a part of helping even one family get the help they need for their baby, we would be honored.

With love,

Dear Sandy,

Words alone will not express the gratitude I have for the work Sandy did with me.

My breathing, snoring, and sleep problems were solved in such a short time.

It is obvious that she is a highly trained teacher as well. The exercises were fun, simple and I was amazed at how well they worked.

Better yet, my tests continue to show that the results were locked in. What a deal! It was a delight working with her, it only took a short time, with lasting results. I couldn’t ask for more.

Many thanks,


Simple help is available for snoring, chewing, swallowing, and mouth breathing difficulties!

Few people consider how the muscular function of the mouth, facial muscles, and tongue are critical to shaping the oral cavity and defining proper function for swallowing, breathing, speaking, and many other critical life functions. This was all brought to my attention when I met Sandra Coulson] almost 20 years ago. She began her career as a speech therapist and has specialized in Orofacial Myology for decades. Sandra is an accomplished Orofacial Myologist and has helped countless people learn how to use their facial muscles properly and to swallow correctly, often by repeated exercises that they do under her guidance for the tongue and related facial muscles.

Over the years when we have had conversations she has let me know that she has helped numerous individuals (often teens and younger aged individuals) avoid having orthodontic braces by teaching them how to swallow and position their tongues correctly and by doing other proactive facial muscle exercises. By following her careful guidance, the individual stops pushing the tongue on the teeth and moving them out of position.

In our most recent conversation, she let me know that she has empowered many adults of various ages to avoid being tied down to a CPAP machine at night by going through her evaluation and recommended therapy. Would not you rather spend several weeks or a few months in therapy and learn new habits and then be able to avoid using a CPAP machine? One of her recommendations may include a simple tongue positioning appliance that you use to train your tongue “to behave”. I think this is a great advancement and a user-friendly way to provide improved quality of life to countless individuals. I have never heard anyone tell me that they really enjoyed using their CPAP machine!

Please take time to search out her website and know that she has helped many people of all ages to have normalized function for chewing, swallowing, speaking, and even breathing by instituting the appropriate personalized exercises and treatment procedures that she recommends for them.

Susan Levy, Chiropractor

Because of this type of therapy, Mirian has a chance of having a normal bite! What amazing work this practice offers! I am so grateful and wholeheartedly recommend this office. From my first phone call encounter to the graduation date it has been top notch all the way!


Our therapist was knowledgeable and professional during a difficult time! Thank goodness for her ability to help change my child's outlook. I'm so thankful to have been referred to this office.

We graduated! My child loved the office environment, what a friendly and professional bunch!

I cannot thank you enough!


The front desk always makes things so easy to deal with........Thank you!!


Coulson and Associates are thorough, kind, fun and professional. I would recommend this business in a heartbeat. Some of the stuff seems silly to do, but immediately makes a positive impact in my health/life!


Thank you guys SO MUCH for letting me shadow the practice and learn about many things! Sandra I will look forward to your future courses, I'm forever grateful!

Love Carly

We want to thank Coulson and Associates and let you know how much we appreciate working hand in hand with your office staff and therapists! We admire the knowledge of your staff and will continue referring our patients since we see AMAZING RESULTS!

Kids Dental

Because of your therapy, my son has a normal bite which we thought was unattainable! I will be promoting your offices whole-heartedly because I believe in what your therapy does 100%!


Our treatment has been TOP NOTCH, from our initial communication with Debi, questions and scheduling with Courtney and therapy with Brittany and Sandra!" THANK YOU!

I am so thankful for all your help. You absolutely helped change my child's life. Her speech Is much improved and her teeth look AMAZING!

Thanks for the great therapy! Easy to do with great results! I'm getting a beautiful facelift out of this!


20 years ago Sandra Coulson corrected my tongue placement and re-trained my swallowing after a severe car accident.... I swear by her. <3

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your work with my daughters. Over time, you helped us with two thumbs and a lisp for a total of three thriving, confident girls. Thank you very much for the life changing work that you do.


Since I started therapy, I now have less pain in my jaw and my headaches are fewer. I feel so much better!


Thank you for getting me through one of the worst health scares of my life. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without your support. Your spirit and positive attitude are inspiring!


Yes, there have been angels in my life, and one of them is you.

Let me start by saying 2 things:

1) The right side of my jaw felt like it broke loose from my face; dislocated and wouldn’t stay attached.

2) Miracles DO happen; and her name is Sandy Coulson!




Everyone was impressed with what you are able to do to help people. Thank you for sharing.
You are a treasure.


Sandra Coulson should be considered a wizard. She has developed easy to use therapies that will likely fix most snoring problems without the draconian devices that are prescribed by many professionals. She also successfully worked with my 11 year old daughter for her speech issues. In my view she was a life saver. I refer people to her and I recommend her most highly!

Michael G. Sawaya - The Sawaya Law Firm

A HUGE thank-you to Coulson & Associates from me and my husband! My husband has stopped snoring! No more sleeping with our uncomfortable backpack (to keep him on his side)--- now he sleeps comfortably on his back, but NO SNORING! HOORAY!!


Simply AMAZING with a capital A! Mrs. Coulson and her staff are truly amazing. From the very beginning, Debi (the office manager), welcomed us and made my 8-year-old very comfortable. Mrs. Coulson made my daughter feel like she was very special and my daughter completely responded to the treatment - She sucked her fingers for 8 years and stopped the day of our first visit! Amazing!!!

My snoring issues have been completely resolved using Sandra Coulson's customized, quick and easy facial, neck and tongue exercises three times a day. My positive results occurred within a matter of a few short weeks and were monitored nightly by the SnoreLab app on my cell phone where it was easy to see the changes from her program.
She identified some issues that I was unaware of and she laid out solutions which worked!


I want to be a mouth therapist when I grow up

Love: Joslin

What a privilege and honor it was to have Sandra Coulson attend Melody’s party! She is a speech therapist who has a system for helping people with sleep apnea and countless other things. She has completely changed Melody’s life by transforming her breathing in a remarkable way. When Melody was about 18 months old she had a sleep study done. The results: 100 apnea episodes in an hour; ten is considered severe. Her oxygen levels while sleeping would dip dangerously low. Within one week of seeing Sandra all that started to change. Her oxygen levels now while sleeping are in the mid-90’s, and she has no visible signs of apnea. We have no words to adequately express our gratitude for Sandra


You wowed everyone with your presentation. You're right, pictures tell the story much better about the results you are able to achieve than trying to describe them. The symptoms you treat are ones we laypersons don't normally see or think about, until we see someone with those symptoms because the appearance is not normal. Your results are amazing, and clearly life changing to make the persons appearance more acceptable so they don't have to face those negative reactions. You are blessed to be doing such rewarding work.

I think you also address issues that afflict many of us as we age. I'm thinking of snoring, sleep apnea, double chin, teeth, wrinkles and baldness. Well, maybe not all of those, but some. Maybe a follow-up talk would be in order to let us know what we might do for self help, and what might be appropriate for a private appointment with you

We enjoyed a fascinating presentation by Sandy Coulson providing insight into the work she has dedicated herself to for forty-seven years. Titled “This is Myofunctional Therapy, does it work?” , showed vividly illustrated before and after photos of children and adults with dramatic improvement of facial deformities and tooth structure. No wonder Sandy continues her commitment to this incredible profession

Our family was faced with a new, and overwhelming situation when we discovered our 5 year old daughter was pulling her eyelashes out and could not stop herself from doing it. We had never heard of, or dealt with anything like it. After much research, we determined she had symptoms of trichotillomania. We felt confused and overwhelmed with what this would mean for our daughter and what our next step should be to help her. After confiding in a speech therapist about our situation, she recommended contacting Sandra. She knew Sandra specialized in this area and thought she could help us. From the moment I met Sandra and learned about Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, I had hope for my daughter's situation. My daughter had one appointment with Sandra, and has never pulled an eyelash since. Her recommended therapy sessions help ensure that our daughter will not deal with these symptoms again. Sandra is a gift to our family, a delight to work with and is changing lives with her expertise and guidance in this area. We cannot thank her enough for the work she has done with our daughter!

A very grateful mother, Katie

It wasn't until the age of 35 that I found out I had a tongue tie. Surely this didn't effect my life because I have done just fine up until this point. I eat well, I'm confident and have a flourishing career. Then I met Sandra Coulson and my world changed. She asked me lots of questions and asked me to make lots of funny faces and say funny things. Through this interaction she was able to quickly assess that I needed a frenectomy and further oro myofacial therapy. Once the frenectomy was preformed I immediately said "I can swallow easier". This was fascinating to me because I never knew what an effort it was to chew my food and swallow until these changes where made to my tongue and muscular habits. Sandra's ability to coach me through the therapy and re teach my facial muscles and tongue has been most impressive and life changing. I now eat with people confidently, without thinking about swallowing. My face itself has changed shape and my lips as well, all for a more beautiful look and functional improvement.
After undergoing two reconstructive jaw surgeries and fourteen years in braces I have come to realize it is possible all that pain and suffering could have been avoided had I met Sandra earlier. Everything happens for a reason and I am glad I am able to be a living example and a voice of awareness. Discovering a tongue tie, receiving the appropriate treatment and therapy are vital to a healthy and fulfilling life. I am truly grateful for the experience I've had with Sandra.

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