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I'm Sandra Coulson

A New Chapter: Transitioning Ownership to Khrisi Valdez

( Working only in our Wheat Ridge office. )

  • A Legacy of Care and Innovation: I am Sandra Coulson, fondly known as "The Thumb Whisperer." My journey as a therapist, innovator, visionary, entrepreneur, and international speaker has been deeply fulfilling. Born in Colorado Springs and raised by a single mother, my roots are deeply embedded in Colorado's rich heritage.

  • Academic Achievements: My academic journey is marked by honors and recognition. A proud alumnus of Palmer High School, I am in the Hall of Fame and was honored as one of the fifty outstanding alumni by the Alumni Association.

  • Professional Path: My return to Colorado was a turning point in my career. I served as a therapist for Home Health Services, where I worked with stroke patients and individuals with Down syndrome. My educational background also led me to substitute teaching, during which I founded my private practice in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy.

  • Media Presence and Global Influence: Throughout my career, I have appeared on various local media outlets in Denver, including 9 News, 2 News, and 7 News. My insights and expertise have also been shared on platforms like VIMEO, YOUTUBE, and Cross Link Radio. Teaching and speaking globally, I've shared my knowledge and experience with a worldwide audience.

  • Consulting and Training: My experience extends to consulting with thousands of patients, both in the U.S. and internationally. I have the unique joy of treating 'second generation' patients and have been instrumental in training therapists both domestically and abroad.

  • Professional Associations and Contributions: My contributions to professional organizations are extensive. I'm a former President of the International Association of Orofacial Myology and a past Co-Chair of "CHAPS" in Denver. As a member of various associations like the Down syndrome Association and the Post-Polio Association, and as a regular commencement speaker and advisory board member at Heritage College, I've stayed actively involved in the community.

Stepping Down as Owner: As I hand over the reins of my practice to Khrisi Valdez, I am not fully retiring but stepping down as owner. My commitment to Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy continues as I embrace this new phase of my professional life, ensuring that the legacy of care and excellence at Sandra Coulson & Associates thrives under new leadership.